Teach Barre Astié

The effort to analyse and note down a Barre Astié class  led to the creation of the book : “Grammaire des corps” (“The Grammar of the bodies” ),written by Mr ASTIĖ and edited in France in the year 1990. It  proposes a complete Barre ASTIĖ class with the necessary information for the trainer.
It was translated in Japanese and later in Greek, and it serves as the basic tool of the educational programme for Barre ASTIĖ trainers which was initiated in 2009.
The official programme “Diplôme Barre Astié” is delivered in one or two years and it is the required qualification in order to  teach Barre ASTIĖ classes.
Apart from France, the programme is also delivered in Greece, in Italy and in Japan. It consists of six modules covering the basic syllabus, intermediate and advanced levels, the pedagogy of the method, as well as the practical teaching, considering the age, the level of ability and the aims of the class.
There are various proposed training programmes and a special notation to mark the different Barre ASTIĖ positions and transitions.