An approach with multiple options

the working field.
The dance teacher will use it for flexibility, strength, core stability and enhancement of dance positions and movements.
The actor and the musician will be more interested in exploring the breathing pattern, the posture amelioration and the coordination of movement.
The physical education instructor has the opportunity to enhance the class with artistic elements such as music, rhythm, flow of movement, variety of energy and use of space, whilst the physiotherapist will use specific exercises and rehabilitation routines or could use the artistic aspect for psychological equilibrium.

What makes the B.A. an artistic class?

  • The importance of music which is not a background but an inspiring element providing the appropriate energy for each movement
  • The use of space
  • The way we combine our movements to create combinations more or less complicated depending on the standard. It‘s this possibility that makes the B.A. unique as a floor barre: our vocabulary of more than 150 movements permits to create countless combinations by changing the directions in space, the breathing pattern, the rhythm, the order that different parts of the body get involved.
  • Last artistic element, the fluidity of movement, a flow of energy that gives grace, emotion and pleasure.

What makes the Barre ASTIĖ a pleasant body conditioning class?

  • The right balance of stretching and strengthening movements
  • The well placing of the spine and the upper body that relieves from neck and back pains
  • The connection with the art of dance.
  • Last, the stimulation, the relaxation and elimination of tensions that our breathing pattern permits. In fact, “in Barre ASTIĖ, breathing is the tool to leave our body to an inner perception…the medium to learn how to isolate our limbs and accept to relinquish their weight.”
    – Grammaire des Corps –

The benefits of the method

Depending on the needs of our trainees we will plan our class or personal session based on fundamental aspects of the technique following certain rules:


Respect each individual’s physique

Respect each individual’s physique and help him/her to unblock his/her body without injuries or any type of strain or stress


Gain awareness of the body’s functions

Help the individual gain awareness of his/her body’s functions and physical abilities and inspire him/her to be engaged in the act of going beyond them without muscular overcharge.


Unblock the different parts of the body

Start with simple movements to unblock the different parts of the body and get rid of any tension – the breathing pattern is very important here.


Provide a balanced session

Provide a balanced session that progresses in a different order depending on the situation and the level of work, where the trainees get beyond “doing well” and are in search of “well being”.